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    手機: 13704160691
    電話: 0416-3093599
    傳真: 0416-3093599
    地址: 錦州市太和區錦湯路139號


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    The company profile
    JinZhou Hengtai Special Alloy Co.,Ltd is an enterprise manufacturing and distributing special alloys, having high ferrotitanium、medium ferrotitanium and solid calcium metal cored wire as its main products.
    The company possesses excellent managing and technical teams as well as competent working staff, from which the company can get its comprehensive competitive power. The advanced production lines equipped with vacuum furnace as its main facility take the leading position among all enterprises in the same field in china.
    The company not only can ensure the high quality of its products, but also can reach a total annual production capacity of 4000T. Sales revenue exceeds RMB 100,000,000.Active in market economic system in an era full of opportunities, passions and ambitions, Jinzhou Hengtai Special Alloy Co.,Ltd is confident that its own special industrial stream can be developed in larger field.
    The company constantly adheres to the spirit of "harmonious, honest, professional and developing" for many years, believes in that the most value of an enterprise is the customers’ satisfaction and trust to the company, the self-fulfillment of employees, the development of the enterprise and the prosperity of the region. The company firmly upholds the business concept of "giving credit for lifetime, searching development forever". The company proposes a win-win prospect with customers, continuously seeking for excellent management, distribution and products to form the core competitive ability of the company.
    Running and developing for many years, Jinzhou Hengtai Special Alloy Co.,Ltd has presented a special survival logic with multiple development modes and scientific management styles. The company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 quality management system. It has also got AAA-level credit ratings certificate and national production safety license. Of all the private enterprises in Jinzhou, the company is the only industry admittance enterprise approved by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The company has been consecutively named as "Outstanding Private Enterprise" and "Jinzhou Star Enterprise" by Municipal government for many years.
    Our nation is a great nation with strong conscience and responsibility, desiring to develop. Our company is also conscious and responsible, sincerely and ambitiously preparing to develop. The vision of the future confirms direction; the energy of the life creates value. We truly believe that Jinzhou Hengtai Special Alloy Co.,Ltd can get greater development, just like a hawk must fly into sky. The prospect we are looking forward to is going to be fulfilled. Jinzhou Hengtai Special Alloy Co.,Ltd is just like a flower with a fate to blossom.